What are Urethane Foams

This is a more exotic and cleaner packaging material than Rubberized Curled Hair. Polyurethane foams, both rigid and flexible, are formed by a chemical process. Prepolymer and a catalyst combine to chemically form the urethane in the various densities described in our technical bulletins. Both flexible and rigid polyurethane packaging can be purchased in densities ranging from 2 pounds to approximately 30 pounds. You will find, however, that most applications run generally in the 2 to 8 pound category.

The first step in producing molded foam is the development of a mold, either temporary or permanent. A temporary mold is usually composed of good hardwood and can be used for production runs of up to 500 pieces before it deteriorates. When larger quantities are desired, it is wise to order an aluminum mold. A mold of this type is almost indestructible and can be used for several thousand pieces. For large runs, it is necessary to use multiple molds.

It is necessary that we understand exactly what your packaging requirements are. The fragility of the product, the "G" factor, and the drop height all must be known so that we may develop the best protective packaging.

When developing the mold, we like to use a rejected piece or dummy mock-up of the product to be packaged. This makes it easier for us to make the pattern for the molding process. If this part is not available, we can design it from drawings.

Customers often ask why urethanes are more expensive than other packaging materials. In urethanes, we are dealing with chemicals and the factors involved are completely different than those encountered in the manufacture of rubberized hair.

We do supply packaging samples, however, if prototype tooling were required there would be a tooling charge for the tool and 2 samples. Since the process of developing a custom mold is an expensive one involving labor, material and technical know-how, we feel that this is a fair policy.

In the manufacture of the polyurethanes, both flexible and rigid, there is no room for any margin of error. Once the material has been mixed and poured into the mold, it is final. If our calculations of your requirements are not correct, our product could be a total loss. So if the product data you give is correct, we'll produce a job that will make you proud you chose Flextron for your packaging requirements.

On this page you will find charts showing compressive stress-strain relationship and dynamic cushioning performance of polyurethane foams. Please give these charts your close attention. It's worth the time it takes.

  Urethane Foams (High)
Replaces Wood or Metal Products
Packing Inserts
Material Handling
Part Storage
  • Meets MIL-P-26514

  • Custom Molded
  • Available in Colors
  • Unlimited Densities
              Molded with Hardware
                   Molded with Texture 



Urethane Foams (High)
Urethane Foams (Low)
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