Ethafoam expanded polyethylene is a white, low density plastic foam, that is characterized by its resiliency, its flexibility over a wide temperate range, and its excellent chemical stability. It is resistant to chemicals and solvents. Fuel oils and heavier hydrocarbons do not affect it; even acids and alkalis normally have little effect on this durable material, which is also odorless and non-toxic.

Ethafoam is not recommended for applications where temperatures will exceed 160 F. Although this is recommended maximum temperature, the foam, in poem applications has withstood temperatures considerably in excess of 160 F for short durations.

Tests have subjected Ethafoam to 140 F dry heat for seven days. The volume change was less than 1%.

In order to initiate burning, an open flame in the presence of oxygen is required. The foam does not readily start burning from sparks or short circuits because the material melds away, creating a void around the heat source.

On this page, you will find charts showing compressive stress-strain relationship and dynamic cushioning performance of Ethafoam. Please give these charts your close attention.



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